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This phantom is especially designed for testing focusing at -20 to -30 dB level and -6 dB level. The threads for -20 to -30 dB testing are distributed over a large scanning area, making it fast and easy to test an array transducer. Low contrast objects of -6, -3 and dB are incorporated to facilitate testing of low contrast resolution.


The phantom contains a vertical row of 19 threads, one cm from one another starting one cm from the surface. In horizontal direction the threads are displaced 0,2 mm from one another, to avoid shadowing. There are three horizontal rows of 11 threads each also with one cm distance from one another. These rows are placed at 4 cm, 8 cm and 13 cm from the surface. There are four groups of threads for 6 dB focusing control at 2 cm, 5 cm, 9 cm and 14 cm from the surface. Each group consists of six threads with increasing distance from one another from one to five mm. The low contrast objects are cylinders with diameters of five and ten mm.