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Description and specifications:

The phantom is 12 cm wide, 24 cm high and 4 cm deep. At the scanning surface the inside of the box is 14 cm wide.

The surface is covered with a protective plate of 0,5 mm PE, that allows transmission of Ultrasound. 

The phantom contains:

23 single threads for 30-40 dB axial and lateral resolution.

5 groups of 6 single threads for 6 dB lateral resolutions.

Attenuation of background material 0,5 dB * cm * MHz. Tolerance see data sheet.

Sound speed of background material 1540 m/sec. Tolerance see data sheet.

All threads consists of 1 nylon filaments 0,1 mm Ø.

Outer dimensions: 18 cm  * 9,5 cm * 30 cm

Weight: 4 kg