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Especially in obstetrical scanning, it is essential to have a correct geometry of the entire depicting system - including the documentation unit. Even a divergence of just a few millimetres is of significance.

Description and Specifications:

The phantom consists of 189 threads arranged in rows turned 45 degrees and 90 degrees to one another.

The position of each thread is correct within +/- 0,2 mm.

The phantom has tissue equivalent attenuation 0,5 dB/MHz*cm, tolerances see data sheet.

The sound speed is tissue equivalent 1545 m/sec, tolerances see data sheet.

All filaments are 0,1 mm nylon.

Dimensions of phantom 12,5 cm * 25 cm * 4 cm. Outer dimensions: 28 cm * 18,5 cm * 9,5 cm


Adjust the amplification until the threads are shown grey.

Measure the distance between threads in different directions and in different parts of the image. The distances should all be N * 1 cm.

If hardcopies are used for clinical measurements, the test should also be made on hardcopies.