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Outer dimensions:

270 mm * 255 mm * 210 mm

Weight: ~8.5 kg.

The box is cast in polyurethane and covered with a lid of PVC.

The back ground mass in the phantom has an attenuation of ~ 0.5 dB/cm*MHz. Speed of sound is 1540 m/sec. The backscattering is very high

It contains 5 cone shaped objects with low backscattering down to – 40 dB. Each  object has a cone shaped echo free centre.


Angle the transducer to intersect the objects at 90°. Notice at which distance or size the backscattering from the different objects can be distinguished from the noise in the echo free centre. This distance / size can be used as an indicator for the high contrast resolution.



The phantom will not stand frost.

The surface must be covered with preservative fluid.

Be careful not to trap air bubbles inside the phantom

Handle with care.