Model 623, radial cyst phantom for high frequency endoscopic transducers


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Description and specifications:

The phantom is 3 cm deep. Scan well is 13,6 mm Ø. The wall of the scan well is protected with 0,2 mm PE.

The phantom contains:

11 echo weak cylinders of 2 mmØ, 22 echo weak cylinders of 1 mmØ and of 0,5 mmØ. All cylinders are mounted 15 degrees oblique, in order to reduce specular reflections from the interfaces. 

Attenuation of background material 0,5 dB * cm * MHz. Tolerance see data sheet.

Sound speed of background material 1500 m/sec. Tolerance see data sheet.

Outer dimensions: 18 cm  * 9,5 cm * 6 cm

Weight: ~ 0,5 kg


The scan well should be filled with fluid. Scan through the scan well. Notice the distance to the first and the last cyst seen for all 3 dimentions.