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Description and specifications:

The phantom mass is 16 cm * 16 cm wide and 7 cm high.

The surface is covered with a protective plate of 0,5 mm PP, which allows transmission of Ultrasound.

The weight of the phantom is 2,3 kg.

The phantom contains 2 "thyroid lobes". Each lobe has 3 nodules of 1,4 ml, 0,5 ml and 0,1 ml. The exact volumes are documented.

In one lobe the objects are - 5 dB to the lobe, and in the other they are - 10 dB to the lobe.

Attenuation of the lobes: ~ 1.0 dB * cm * MHz. Tolerance see data sheet.

Sound speed of the lobes: ~ 1500 m/sec. Tolerance see data sheet.

Weight:~ 2.5 kg