Introducing Dansk Fantom Service / Danish Phantom Design

Danish Phantom Design is based in Frederikssund not far from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Its owner, Knud-Erik Fredfeldt M.D., started hand-producing phantoms for testing the equipment he worked with daily as a doctor at the ultrasound department at Herlev Hospital, Denmark from 1982-1986.
In 1986, when Danish Phantom Design was founded, the production amounted to a total of 20 custom-designed phantoms. Business has expanded considerably ever since: the number of phantoms sold now exceeds 1400.
Universities, hospitals and manufacturers of ultrasound equipment and accessories in and outside Scandinavia are now satisfied users of products from Danish Phantom Design.
Knud-Erik Fredfeldt, M.D. started producing phantoms for his personal use 20 years ago. Now, what started more or less as a hobby has grown into an industry where handmade quality still prevails.

Why use a Phantom?

Most users of ultrasound scan themselves or some other person when evaluating new ultrasound equipment for purchase or when testing current equipment. It can, however, be difficult objectively and quickly to assess whether a particular imaging problem is due to the equipment or to the persons being scanned. Furthermore, regulations for quality assurance of diagnostic imaging equipment are currently under preparation in the US and Europe. In the near future, routine QA tests will be mandatory.

The Objective Approach

With a phantom, you can evaluate most of the factors decisive for image quality both objectively and immediately.
In the daily routine, the evaluation of important image quality parameters such as:

detail resolution
contrast resolution
scan plane thickness
axial resolution
penetration homogeneity and
speckle pattern

can be performed within minutes to ensure the sharpest ultrasound images.

Performance checking with a phantom requires little instruction. In contrast to a live model, the phantom is stabile over time. This gives you the additional possibility of monitoring the long-term health of your equipment by taking hard copies of phantom images at regular intervals and compare to images taken previously.

Performance checking of the ultrasound equipment with phantoms is a routine matter. For documentation purposes, hard copies can be kept for later comparison.
Danish Phantom Design has phantoms available for performance tests of scanner, transducers and documentation units. Ask for further information from your supplier. For custom-designed phantoms, kindly contact Danish Phantom Design.

Wide Range of Standard Phantoms:

A wide range of task-specific standard models are now available, including phantoms for testing Doppler systems.

As an experienced user of ultrasound, Knud-Erik Fredfeldt knows how to design and manufacture phantoms that will put the equipment to the most revealing tests. Without exception, the task-specific standard phantoms represent the result of many years of continuous research.

To avoid compromising, each phantom is refined to test specific parameters of your equipment. Should you require phantoms to test all parameters, a full set can be acquired at a reasonable price.

All phantoms are carefully handmade from selected raw materials. What is actually inside the container is chosen, proportioned and positioned to ensure optimal performance for the intended application. Currently, Danish Phantom Design can offer low-priced standard phantoms for the following

B-mode parameters:

  • Geometry testing of entire ultrasound equipment

  • Testing of transducer:

  • Penetration

  • Detail and contrast resolution

  • Side- and grating Lobes

  • Elevation plane focusing

  • Axial resolution

  • Biopsy training

Doppler parameters:

  • Penetration

  • Velocity measurements

  • Turbulence

  • Critical angles

  • Education


B-mode phantoms

Examples of Custom Design Phantoms

Examples of test data of phantoms


Preserving the phantoms

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