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Model 2116 grating lobe phantom

Description and specifications:

Outer dimensions: 18 * 9,5 * 12 cm Weight 1 kg

Scannning surface: 14 * 4,5 cm

The scanning surface is covered with a protective plate of 0.5 mm PP, that allows transmission of Ultrasound.

The phantom contains:

An air bubble, a ping-pong ball. The air will gradually dissolve, but will be usefull for at least 5 years.

6 cylinders with a backscatterings that relative to the background are + 6dB, +12dB, + 18dB, +24dB, +30dB and +36dB.

Sound speed of background material 1540 m/sec. Tolerance see data sheet.


If air is trapped under the protective surface then, just cover the surface with preservative fluid and press gently in the middle of the plate. Then the air will slip out at the periphery of the plate.


Once every month inspect the phantom.

The surface must always be covered with 1/2 - 1 cm preservative fluid.  Fluid that disappears by desiccation should be replaced by distilled water.

Once every 3 month replace the preservative fluid.

Please notice that the lid may not be 100 % tight. Drain fluid off before transportation, but never let it stay dry more than a few days.

The phantom will not stand frost. Safe storage temperature: 0 - 45 degrees Celsius.