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Dimensions: 40 * 14 * 28 cm.

Weight of phantom incl. Pump: 4 kg.

Tissue-equivalent Material:

Attenuation: 0,5 dB/cm*MHz tolerance see data sheet. Different Attenuation can be made.

Sound velocity:1490 m/s tolerance see data sheet. Sound velocity can be made different.

Vessels of C-flex:

1) curved tube. Inner diameter: 3,2 mm, 0,8 mm wall thickness­

2) diagonal tube. Inner diameter: 8,0 mm, 1,6 mm wall thickness.

Stenosis 3,5 mm inner diam­eter

Maximum pressure of fluid: 50 cm Water

Pumping Unit:

Power consumption: 4 Watt AC, 230 Volt, 50 Hz.

Flow meter readout: 2 - 25 liters/hour. +/- 5% of max..

Mean velocity range: 1,1 cm/sec - 86 cm/sec

Reservoir: Holds 250 ml of artificial blood.

Recommended Use

The phantom is made of agar and is therefore mechanically fragile. Avoid pressing the transducer into the phantom during scanning.

Perform Doppler and colour flow measurements at varying velocities and depths to performance check the following:

- Fast flow limit

- Slow flow limit

- Critical angle limit at a specific velocity, e.g. 50cm/sec

- Penetration at a specific velocity, e.g. 10cm/sec

- Effect of turbulence

- Effect of clutter (use the air bubbles)

- Position of Doppler signal in B-mode image

Use the reference table to find mean velocity in cm/sec. Due to the flow profile it will differ from the velocity readout on scanner.